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Emergency preparedness for children should include away from home. Kids at school will need food and meals such as the popular 72 hour kit.

Now there is an easy way to get your kids involved with emergency preparedness-an important topic for everyone. Have them pick out their own 72 hour emergency kit that includes among other things meals and food specifically for kids whether they are at home or at school.

Children need more in the way of planning than adults do which is why a 72 hour emergency kit is so necessary for their food and meals. When weather related emergencies strike, children especially need help in coping with the disaster. Having them pick out their 72 hour emergency kit ahead of time can help ease the stress.

Emergency preparedness and disaster planning are becoming more critical for millions of Americans. Just this past winter snow and ice storms caused power outages for hundreds of thousands of people along the eastern seaboard extending into the southeast. This caught people unawares.

First responders will tell you that it is your responsibility to do disaster planning and emergency preparedness for your family and that the first order of business should be getting a 72 hour emergency kit that contains food and emergency supplies for not only you but your kids as well.
Guardian Classroom Lockdown KitGuardian Classroom Lockdown KitUnfortunately, the scene where a classroom full of children is placed in a lockdown situation is occurring way too often.  This classroom lockdown kit can provide the essentials for 30 children to get through just about any emergency with water, first-aid kit, hygiene and sanitation supplies all in a 5 gallon bucket.
Guardian Deluxe Classroom Lockdown KitGuardian Deluxe Classroom Lockdown KitDeluxe Fully Loaded Emergency Classroom Lockdown Kit Enough for 30 People to Get Through An Emergency Together.
Guardian Survival Kit for ChildrenGuardian Survival Kit for ChildrenThis emergency survival kit is for children 11 years and younger. It has food and water supplies, an AM/ FM radio, rechargeable flashlight, first-aid kit, stress relief products, hygiene and sanitation supplies, warm winter gloves, a fleece blanket and much more.
Guardian Survival Mini for ChildrenGuardian Survival Mini for ChildrenIn any kind of natural disaster this emergency supply kit can provide you with the essentials to survive for a short time including food and water, shelter and warmth as well as light and communication supplies.
Guardian Survival Pal for ChildrenGuardian Survival Pal for ChildrenThis survival kit is in a durable waterproof cooler bag for children 11 years old and younger. In any kind of an emergency, weather related or not, comes complete with food and water supplies, first aid kit, sleeping bag, rechargeable squeeze flashlight and much more.

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