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Vehicle safety and security alarms that will alert others when your safety is threaten during an emergency. These alarms will also deter an assailant proceeding when the loud sound omits. We offer all of our alarms for an affordable price.

Assaults occur most frequently in the home with domestic violence. Surprisingly, the next most frequent place where assaults against women occur are in parking lots. Parking lots are so popular with assailants because they provide plentiful places to hide between and under cars and parking lots are so frequently poorly lit that they afford burglars many opportunities to assault women. It is just one reason why personal alarms that send out loud sounds when there's an emergency are so effective.
They improve personal security and personal safety when they feel threatened by an intruder or burglar. A personal alarm can send out security alerts that not only will scare away an assailant but also alert passersby to your situation. The sound that a personal alarm makes in an emergency can be as high as 130 dB making them one of the most effective security devices available
Key Alert with FlashlightKey Alert with FlashlightThis 120 db personal protection alarm has a keychain attachment so it can be with you at all times. Press the alarm lightly for a small short sound or press the button completely until your emergency situation is resolved.
Streetwise Loud Lock Padlock with AlarmStreetwise Loud Lock Padlock with AlarmThe Streetwise Loud Lock is a hardened steel padlock with a built-in vibration sensor that sounds when any movement.
Streetwise Panic Alarm BlackStreetwise Panic Alarm BlackThis convenient personal security alarm from Streetwise can attach to your keys or clip to your clothes allowing you quick access to a nonlethal way to defend yourself in an attack.

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