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See Our Exclusive Unique Diversion Safe Candles Offered for Sale On Line. They Provide Secrecy and Security for Your Valuables and Stash Using the Secret Hiding Compartments Inside the Diversion Safe Candle Itself.

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Can Safe Candle GreenCan Safe Candle GreenImage a candle that has a hidden compartment inside that you can safely hide you valuables inside without others ever knowing.
Diversion Candle Safe - Amber YellowDiversion Candle Safe - Amber YellowAmber Yellow - Candle Diversion Safe with Hidden Compartment.
Diversion Safe Candle - BlueDiversion Safe Candle - BlueBlue - Diversion Safe Candle with Hidden Compartment
Diversion Safe Candle - CappuccinoDiversion Safe Candle - CappuccinoCappuccino Diversion Safe Candle with Hidden Compartment.
Diversion Safe Candle - Green HoneydewDiversion Safe Candle - Green HoneydewGreen Honeydew Diversion Safe Candle with Hidden Compartment.
Red - Candle Diversion SafeRed - Candle Diversion SafeRed - Candle Diversion Safe with Hidden Compartment.
SDP-Accessory Wood Plate HolderSDP-Accessory Wood Plate HolderStylish Round Wood Candle Plate Holder Sized for Any of Our Diversion Safe Candles.
SDP-Black Candle Plate HolderSDP-Black Candle Plate HolderStylish Black Metal Candle Plate Holder for Candle Diversion Safes.
SDP-Round Clear Glass Plate Candle HolderSDP-Round Clear Glass Plate Candle HolderClear Glass Candle Holder for Use With Our Diversion Safe Candles.
SDP-Round Glass Black Plate Candle HolderSDP-Round Glass Black Plate Candle HolderBlack Round Design Glass Candle Plate Holder for  Candle Diversion Safes.
Candle Diversion Safes provide both the secrecy and security you rely on to safely keep your valuables or stash out in the open

We offer for sale several different color options to fit just about any decorating décor. Or exclusively designed diversion safe candles include a secret hidden compartment no others will ever know you have valuables stashed inside. You can hide with confidence just about anything you could image that will fit the size of the concealment compartment. Most commonly hidden items include cash money, jewelry and medicine.
Entry into the hidden safe compartment is from the bottom of the diversion safe candle. Using the palm of your hand you can easily turn the lid till opened and insert or remove the valuables. It is simple as that keeping your valuables out in the open safely and secured.   
In addition to our exclusively designed diversion safe candles, we offer for sale candles plates, pillars, holders and globes to enhance the beauty of our candle safes. Not only do these options increase the overall appearance of the candles safes they also increase the security of them never being touched or handled by others. Even professional burglars will ignore them and use their time to look for your valuables elsewhere such as traditional safes. 
We have priced all of your security diversion safe candles and options for a low affordable price. The investment you make today with us is similar to an insurance policy that will offer peace of mind your valuables stashed inside the diversion safe candles will be safe.

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