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Big Shot Party Package
Big Shot Party Package
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Big Shot Party Package

Package has a mix of stun guns, pepper sprays, door and personal alarms. Each of these items are popular self defense products that sell daily.

If all items were sold the total value would be $1524.95 or more if you elect to increase your selling costs!


12 PS-1BLK 1/2oz. w/Leatherette Holster Pepper Spray
12 PS-1ABLK 1/2oz. w/Injection Molded Holster Pepper Spray
12 PS-5 2oz Stream Pepper Spray
12 PS-5F 2oz Fogger Pepper Spray
24 PS-LH2 2oz. Leatherette Holster
6 PS-7 Pepper Shot 4oz Stream Pepper Spray 
6 PS-7F Pepper Shot 4oz. Fogger 
12 PS-LH4 4oz. Leatherette Holster 
10 PS-3 Pepper Pen
2 PS-LS-PINK Lip Stick Pepper Spray
2 PS-LS-BLACK Lip Stick Pepper Spray
6 PETBLIN Pet Safety Light
12 WF-HC-BLK 1/2 oz. Wild Fire Pepper Spray
4 SM-LILGUY-B 7.5 Million volt Stun Master Stun Gun
1 SM-LILGUY-PUR 7.5 Million volt Stun Master Stun Gun 
3 RUNT-BLACK 20 Million volt Stun Gun
1 RUNT-PUR 20 Million volt Stun Gun 
1 SM-MINIBADASS 15 Million volt Stun Master Flashlight Stun Gun
1 SM-FL-C 9 Million volt Stun Master Flashlight Stun Gun 
1 SM-MULTI 4.5 Million volt Stun Master
2 DSAL-2 Door Stop Alarm 
2 PL-6 Personal Alarm w/Flashlight
3 PAL-1 Personal Alarm

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