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Bail Bondsman Surety Agent Gear Apparel and More

Bail Bondsmen, also know as Bail Agents primary services are too assist the defendant, defendants family or representatives after an arrest. Primary services offered is to post money on the behalf of the defendant with a guarantee the defendant will report for court hearings as required. 
When the defendant does not return or report to the court as directed, Bail Agents will hire Bail Enforcement Officers that will investigate to locate and apprehend the defendant that chose to not return or report to the court as directed. Bail Enforcement Officers are also know as Bounty Hunters or Fugitive Recovery Agents, are professionals highly trained to apprehend fugitives. 

Professionals in all fileds of law enforcement , to perform at high levels, you do need the best tactical and law enforcement gear avail to be sucessful and safe! We offer a full line of law enforcement equipment and gear to meet your needs and offer you the security protection you need.

Don't see what you were searching for or need! Give us a call or send a message and likely we do have want you are searching for. We have access to 1000's of various equipment and gear and just do not have the resources to load every piece of gear we can offer.

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