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Auto Repair Shops and Auto Part Stores

Business growth opportunity for Automobile Repair Shops and Auto Part Stores . You already offer services to your customers that includes vehicle car safety. Why not expand your services, experience business growth with increased profits offering both personal security and roadside emergency survival products. All of these products were developed for both women and men drivers.

Adding these products to your stores, displayed for sale on your counters and shelves, they all will easily sell themselves! 

Your customers, both regulars and new first-time all have one common expectation. Once all the repairs or routine maintenance have been completed, the vehicle will leave your shop reliable and safe to drive.

But, what about your customers personal safety?

  • Drowsy Asleep at the Wheel Hazards 
  • Road Hazards Result Car Breakdowns
  • Disasters Strike While Driving
  • Emergency Car Survival
  • Car Jacking Robbery, Assaults or Worse

All cars and vehicles carry a spare tire in case of an emergency tire flat. Other roadside dangers are real and happen much too often. Offer a complete safety package for both the car and the driver.

See our full line of personal security products, roadside gear and emergency car survival. Your customers will thank you for sharing these other safety options they may have not ever consider before. They will share their experience with family and friends that will lead to even more new business growth and profits for your shops ans stores.

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