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4" Speed Dome Dummy Camera
4" Speed Dome Dummy Camera
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4" Speed Dome Dummy Camera in Outdoor Housing w/ LED Light

   Now you can deter robbery, theft, and vandalism without the high cost of a real security camera. Even the most sophisticated criminals will think the premises are guarded by a high-tech surveillance system and go in search of an easier target. In fact, this is an actual surveillance camera that has been modified into a "dummy" or fake security camera. It has a flashing LED light so it can be noticed at night or day and will stand out to potential thieves or shoplifters and make them think twice. This camera is great security for parking lots or near the front door of a home, store, or business.


  • LED Light to make it noticeable
  • It has an adjustable plastic mounting bracket so it can be wall or ceiling mounted.
  • This camera measures 10 three-quarter x 5 inches (the dome measures 4 inches). 
  • Installs quickly and easily using the included stainless steel screws. 


  • 4 Inch Speed Dome Dummy Camera in Outdoor Housing with LED Light 
  • Instruction Manual
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket
  • Screws


  • Two AA Batteries

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