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Power & Video All in One Camera Cables - 25'
Power & Video All in One Camera Cables - 25'
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Power & Video All in One Camera Cables - 25' 

Power and video all in on one cable, what will they think of next? These awesome and convenient cables come with extra RCA and BNC connections so they will work with all 12 Volt wired video cameras that we sell.

The use of the handy power and video "all in one" camera cables will eliminate the need to run separate power cables or to find power near the camera, which can be a real hassle at times.

The use of our convenient "all in one" camera cables makes the installation of a complete home surveillance system… "a snap."

We have cables here, that are 25 feet in length, as well as 50 feet, 100 feet, and 150 feet, for your convenience. 

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