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Emergency Preparedness Paracord Options

Today paracord options are almost nearly unlimited with so many different types and versatile uses. Paracords orgin actually origianted or was known as 550 Parachute cord. The strength comes from several nylon inner strands, when looped together provide an overwhelming amount of strength.

Before Paracords were avail for civilian use, they were used exclusively by our Military. Today, Paracord has so many different applications including rigging, retention, survival and much more including the ever more popular Paracord bracelet.

We do offer several Emergency Preparedness Paracod options. Many of the Paracord options though can be every-day use and when that day comes you need your Paracord, you will be prepared!

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Guardian Grenade RedGuardian Grenade RedRed Guardian Grenade Includes 9 Feet Paracord and Several Everyday Use or Survival Needs.
Guardian Grenade Red - Case of 36Guardian Grenade Red - Case of 36Bulk Wholesale Pricing Cases of 36 Red Guardian Grenade Paracords Include Essentail Survival Items
Guardian Red Cord Paracord Key-ChainGuardian Red Cord Paracord Key-ChainGuardian Red Color 8 Feet Paracod Keychain Wrapped Around Steel Ball for Self Defense and Much More.
Outdoor Edge Para-Claw Survival Bracelet MediumOutdoor Edge Para-Claw Survival Bracelet MediumThe Paracord Survival Claw Includes Stainless Steel Hawkbill Blade and 14.4 Feet Cord and More.

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