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Do you enjoy earning extra money, getting free stuff or even vacation trips that cost little or are free! If your answer is yes, then consider hosting a Self Defense Products Party.

Benefits Include:
  • A Flexible Work Schedule
  • Personal Protection for You, Family and Friends
  • Extra Cash

Host a neighborhood Self Defense Products Party - statistics show that fostering a sense of community among neighbors not only deters crime but can have an impact on well-being (knowing we are not alone)!

Have you ever thought about opening a business but were detered by the high costs.

Then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Not only will you have access to the best personal security products on line but you can earn extra cash and get free stuff as you go. Or maybe you are an established business who wants to invest in personal protection for your employees safety.

We have the right opportunity for you! Conatct us today and be on your way to earning extra cash! Also,your Family and Friends will be grateful that you helped them get the security protection they needed.

Our wide range of self defense and home security products allows you to choose the right products to meet your sales needs.

We offer packages that include an assortment of the most popular and best selling products. Or, mix and match from the different categories to build custom party packages.

Whatever packages you choose will result in a sucessful sales party for you and your family and friends!

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