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Emergency lighting and communication systems for your home, cars and vehicles are essential during an emergency or disaster. Best options include battery, solar and hand crank operated. Our store makes anyone of them affordable to add to your emergency kit today.

Weather-related natural disasters such as floods, wildfires, tornadoes and hurricanes are the biggest reasons why people need emergency lighting, portable radios with a NOAA station and communication systems to stay in touch with loved ones and hear emergency announcements. Of course there are other reasons too, but natural disaster top the list year in and year out.
In the late winter of 2014, literally hundreds of thousands of residents along the eastern corridor of the United States were without power due to weather related ice and snow storms. This created a need for emergency lighting, communication systems and portable radios to keep in touch with the outside world.
Don't put your family at risk by being in the dark due to weather related emergencies or natural disasters. A solution is at hand with emergency lighting, portable radios with a NOAA station and the best communication systems available.
The best place to get solar powered and hand cranked portable radios, communication systems and emergency lighting devices for both home and vehicles is at our store where we have the best supply of equipment to meet your emergency lighting, communication systems, solar powered radio and other emergency needs.
10 Pack Light Stick with Locking Hook - Blue10 Pack Light Stick with Locking Hook - Blue10 Pack Blue Light Sticks with Locking Hook.
11 LED Hurrican Lantern11 LED Hurrican LanternSurvival Gear Hurricane Lantern with 11 LED.
3 LED Squeeze Flashlight3 LED Squeeze FlashlightInexpensive yet very efficient and bright for any emergency need. Completley rechargebale by simply squeezing the handle that generates self contained power.
30 Hour Emergency Candle30 Hour Emergency CandleThis emergency candle was developed to last 30 hours. Other use includes as a mini stove.
5ive Star GI Spec Anglehead Flashlight5ive Star GI Spec Anglehead Flashlight5ive Star GI Spec OD Green Anglehead Flashlight.
5ive Star-Keychain Emergency SOS Light ORG5ive Star-Keychain Emergency SOS Light ORG5ive Star Emergency Keychain SOS Light.
8-N-1 Car Charger Power Bank Auto Safety Tool8-N-1 Car Charger Power Bank Auto Safety ToolMulti Purpose Power Bank and Auto Safety Tool.
Auto Guardian FlashlightAuto Guardian FlashlightEmergency flashlight designed to be inside evey vehicle. Comes with bright LED lights, loud siren, seatbelt cutter and much more.
Emergency Dynamo Lantern with RadioEmergency Dynamo Lantern with RadioEmergency LED dynamo lantern lighting. Needs no batteries, charges other products and includes FM radio.
Extreme T6 LED HeadlightExtreme T6 LED HeadlightStreetwise Security Extreme T6 LED Headlight.
Flashlight with Am/FmFlashlight with Am/FmState of the art dynamo 4 in 1 flashlight with 3 bright LEDs, Am/Fm radio, emergency siren, and cell phone charging capabilities with an adapter.Ideal for your emergency kit.
GF Thunder Light with Pivoting HeadGF Thunder Light with Pivoting HeadGF Thunder Light Cap Light features a 135 lumen LED light housed in a tough black ABS plastic body with slide zoom and aluminum pivoting head
Pink 3 LED Squeeze FlashlightPink 3 LED Squeeze FlashlightLED Squeeze Flashlight - No Batteries Ever Required.
Streetwise 14k mAh Ultimate Auto Power BankStreetwise 14k mAh Ultimate Auto Power BankComplete Ultimate Auto Survival Power Bank for Mulitiple Uses.
Streetwise Power BankStreetwise Power BankPortable Power Bank and Charger.
Streetwise Xtreme Flashlight and Power BankStreetwise Xtreme Flashlight and Power BankBright High Lumens Flashlight with Power Bank for USB Charging and Lantern.
Survival CandleSurvival CandleEmergency Survival 3 Wick Candle In A Can.
Torch 250 USB Power Hub and FlashlightTorch 250 USB Power Hub and FlashlightUSB Power Hub - Built in Solar Panel and Flashlight.
Versonel Nightwatcher Robotic LED Security LightingVersonel Nightwatcher Robotic LED Security LightingRobotic Versonel Nighwatcher LED Security Lighting.
Waterproof Dynamo FlashlightWaterproof Dynamo FlashlightEmergency Survival Waterproof Dynamo Flashlight.

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