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When Away from Home the Risk for Assault Increases Dramatically. Keychain Stun Guns Have Become Popular for Many with the Option of Attaching Your Keys to the Stun Gun So that Your Powerful Keychain Stun Gun Is with You If Ever Needed for Protection.

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Guard Dog Electra – 3000 Concealed Lipstick Stun (pink)Guard Dog Electra – 3000 Concealed Lipstick Stun (pink)Take an ordinary looking lipstick tube used by every female in America and put in a 3,000,000 volt concealed stun gun with a 100 lumen flashlight and make it rechargeable. That is what this Guard Dog "electra" model concealed lipstick stun gun is all about. It is one of the most devastating disguised self-defense products available and you will be the only one who knows what it really is.
Mace Caribiner Stun GunMace Caribiner Stun GunMace Brand Caribiner Black Mini Stun Gun.
Monster Hornet Keychain Stun Gun (Pink)Monster Hornet Keychain Stun Gun (Pink)The small size  and 6.5 million volts make this rechargeable stun gun with keychain attachment a valuable self-defense tool for your personal safety. It has a built-in three LED flashlight and safety switch to prevent accidental discharge. The rubberized no slip grip coats the stun gun in rubber armor.
SMACK 5,000,000 Stun Gun Black w/ Deluxe HolsterSMACK 5,000,000 Stun Gun Black w/ Deluxe HolsterFor a limited time, we are offering a free deluxe camouflage holster with the purchase of this popular five million volt SMACK stun gun that is so small it has a keychain attachment. Now you have two reasons to get this powerful self-defense product for your personal protection.
SMACK 6,000,000 Volt Mini Key Chain Stun Gun - PinkSMACK 6,000,000 Volt Mini Key Chain Stun Gun - PinkOne of our best selling mini key chain stun guns for women.
SMACK 6,000,000 Volt Stun Gun BlackSMACK 6,000,000 Volt Stun Gun BlackFor sale one of the best mini stun gun available on line for a great cheap price with all the power the more expensive stun gun self defense products provide.
SMACK Stun Gun Rechargeable BlackSMACK Stun Gun Rechargeable BlackProtection is a close as your keys with this keycain 5.000,000 volt stun gun flashlight.This model is small but most powerful if ever used. Availble in both black or pink.
Streetwise Powerful Mini SMACK Stun GunStreetwise Powerful Mini SMACK Stun GunStreetwise Small Mini SMACK Keychain Stun Gun with 20 Million Volts.
Streetwise Sting Ring Stun Gun w/ Key RingStreetwise Sting Ring Stun Gun w/ Key RingNew Popular Streetwise Sting Ring Stun Gun with Key Ring.
We are all are aware the risk for assault or worst is real and exists virtually everywhere. The danger when leaving home increases and one reason keychain stun guns are preferred choice for protection when away and out. What makes keychain stun guns one of the best self defense weapons is attaching your keys to the stun gun. Doing so ensures you never forget to carry your stun gun with you when leaving home.

There are a wide range of sizes, colors and models we offer for sale on line through our self defense store. We do stock all the major brands such as Streetwise Security, Guard Dog, Safety Technology, and PS Products. Some of the more well known models include SMACK, Hornet and many more mini stun guns with keychain that are also the powerful and rechargeable with flashlight.

We deal directly with the manufacturers and can offer huge discount cheap prices for all budgets. Should you be in the market for a keychain model do yourself a favor and make the purchase today. Don't put is off as many others have said after it was too late. You will find doing business with us streamlined with customer service second to none. We are ready to ship you order today and look forward being your security specialist.

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