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Cutting Edge Stun Gun Flashlights
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Jolt Police 40,000,000 Tactical FlashlightJolt Police 40,000,000 Tactical FlashlightTactical Jolt 40 million volt stun gun flashlight offered for a great price.
Jolt Police 45,000,000 Tactical FlashlightJolt Police 45,000,000 Tactical FlashlightOur 45 Million Volt JOLT Police Tactical Stun Flashlight is made of military grade aluminum alloy and packs the stun and flashlight power of large stun batons.
Jolt Police 50 million Volt Tactical FlashlightJolt Police 50 million Volt Tactical FlashlightJolt 50 Million Volt Tactical Stun Gun Flashlight.
Jolt Police Tactical Stun Gun FlashlightJolt Police Tactical Stun Gun FlashlightStreetwise Security High Power Jolt Tactical Stun Gun Flashlight with 55 Million Volts.
Lady Lightning Rod  Rechargeable Stun Pen PinkLady Lightning Rod Rechargeable Stun Pen PinkIf you are looking for small (6 inches long) and powerful (2.5 million volts) stun gun that is disguised to like a pen, this rechargeable stun device with built-in LED flashlight and safety switch could be exactly what you're looking for. It comes with a free holster and a lifetime warranty; a testament to the quality of the product.
Lightning Rod 2,500,000 Rechargeable Stun Pen BlackLightning Rod 2,500,000 Rechargeable Stun Pen BlackSmall and sleek with long reacch is this stun gun pen with LED light.
Mace Flash Stun GunMace Flash Stun GunMace 2.4 Million Volt Flashlight Stun Gun Color Black.
Police Force 8,500,000 Tactical Stun FlashlightPolice Force 8,500,000 Tactical Stun FlashlightThis powerful disguised self-defense weapon comes in gunmetal color with a heavy-duty holster. It produces 8.5 million volts and 200 lumens of light in a tactical flashlight that is only 6.5 inches long. It is fully rechargeable and has two levels of safety built-in. Of course, since it is a Streetwise product, it has a lifetime warranty.
Police Force 8,500,000 Tactical Stun Flashlight BlackPolice Force 8,500,000 Tactical Stun Flashlight BlackThis black Streetwise 8.5 million volt tactical flashlight may be the most efficient self-defense weapon available in a flashlight. It is a compact 6.5 inches long and produces 200 lumens of powerful light. It is rechargeable and has two levels of safety built-in. Like other Streetwise products it has a lifetime warranty
Police Force 9.2 Tactical Stun FlashlightPolice Force 9.2 Tactical Stun FlashlightNew and Powerful 9.2 Million Volt Stun Gun Flashlight (Top 5 Seller).
Police Force Mini Tactical Stun FlashlightPolice Force Mini Tactical Stun FlashlightLimited Offer Police Force 6 Million Volt Mini Stun Gun Flashlight.
Police Force Tactical Stun FlashlightPolice Force Tactical Stun FlashlightThis tactical 8,000,000 volt stun flashlight is so powerful it creates an "electrical Storm" on the head of this model. Built to meet the deamnds of ploice, military and security professionals.
Police Force Tactical Stun Gun FlashlightPolice Force Tactical Stun Gun FlashlightExcellent security protection that is small in size with high power of 4.5 million volts.
Police Force Tactical Stun Gun FlashlightPolice Force Tactical Stun Gun FlashlightPowerful military grade 7,000,000 volts police force tactical stun gun flashlight that includes triple stun technology.
Police Force Triple DefenderPolice Force Triple DefenderThe tactical appearance of this self-defense non lethal system is bold enough to make any  would be attacker think twice.
Security Guard 6,000,000 Stun Flashlight RechargeableSecurity Guard 6,000,000 Stun Flashlight RechargeableThe Security Guard 6,000,000 combines the safety of a rechargeable tactical flashlight with the security of a high-powered stun gun and loud alarm.
Security Guard Stun Flashlight RechargeableSecurity Guard Stun Flashlight RechargeableThis fully rechargeable stun gun is 4,000,000 volts with a built-in bright LED flashlight and rubberized coating to help ensure a firm grip in any weather conditions. The safety switch prevents accidental discharge with two levels of safety built-in. It has a lifetime warranty.
Streetwise Mini Security Guard Stun FlashlightStreetwise Mini Security Guard Stun FlashlightSmall in size but loaded with power is this stun gun flashlight.

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